Monday, November 2, 2009

Tied to the Whippin' Post

Happy November

What better way to celebrate the 11th month of the year than to be tied to the whippin' post...

Whipping Post - Allman Brothers intro is 11/8 [3332] and riff revisited 2 more times, 12/8, 3/8

Wikipedia says its in 11/4, but I think it sounds more like a 12/8 with the last note skipped - aka 11/8.

Here's another quote from Wikipedia:
As Gregg Allman later said:
"I didn't know the intro was in 11/4 time. I just saw it as three sets of three, and then two to jump on the next three sets with: it was like 1,2,3—1,2,3—1,2,3—1,2. I didn't count it as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. It was one beat short, but it didn't feel one short, because to get back to the triad, you had two steps to go up. You'd really hit those two hard, to accent them, so that would separate the threes. ... [Duane] said, 'That's good man, I didn't know that you understood 11/4.' Of course I said something intelligent like, 'What's 11/4?' Duane just said, 'Okay, dumbass, I'll try to draw it up on paper for you.'"[11]

Writing by feel, love it.

Whippin' it ODDly,
BetZe13 Tune in


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Didjeridu Teaches NINE

Just when you thought you've heard it all, here comes the didjeridu in NINE. Thats right, Randy Graves wants to show you how to rock it out in many odd meters, including 9/8 - on his "Your 'Somewhat ODD' Didjeridu Companion" instructional CD. Really its not all just for that big hollow stick, it can be translated on any instrument. Here's how he teaches NINE, (for educational purposes only).

Its kind of hypnotizing. Hang out for a little while and see where it takes you.

in the ninth dimension,
BetZe13 Tune in


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 9/16

or is it? Still after two years I have not found a song solely in 9/16. Yah, maybe there will be some bars of 9/16 here and there in some tunes but never the whole thing. The only thing I have is this crusty counterpoint MIDI style example I composed way back in the day....

but would like something a bit more... exciting.. revealing... interesting...
Can anyone think of any? Maybe I need to look in the Persian and Classical categories.. or I'll just have to write some more.

-BetZe13 Tune in


Monday, September 14, 2009

Blue Rondo is in NINE

a la Turk that is... and yes the one by the Dave Bruebeck Quartet, blues Turkish style... yup, that's what I'm talkin' about. This is a genuine 'complicated' 9/8 - I'm starting to like this number.

Are you diggin' like me?

da da da da, da da da da dada,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sting in NINE

Sting and his Police State was one of my first musical fascinations. The infatuations (the music and Stewart) started in sixth grade and has since matured to a deep appreciation of his authentic approach to music. In his solo work he is daring in his meter use as a form of exploration and curiosity, not really one of technicality. The following are some of examples of Sting in NINE:

'I Hung My Head' from Mercury Falling - Sounds like a tale from a past life.
'Big Lie, Small World' from Brand New Day

From what I've experienced of his music so far it that he tends to stay in one meter throughout and not really engage in multimeter use. A Sting Schizm would be certainly appealing to my metric obsessiveness but by sticking only to one or two meters in a song the rhythm has a chance to get under your toes and perhaps by the end of the song your feet will really be feeling it. So let Sting show you that NINE deserves your attention and sooner or later you will forget who four is.

Stung in NINE,
BetZe13 Tune in


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hank Levy Teaches NINE

'The Time Revolution' by Hank Levy is an instructional manual in odd meters that was inspired by his love of exotic rhythms and desire to instigate and spread the Time Revolution. This book is 71pp in length and a bit difficult to find. The majority of the book concentrates on getting 5s and 7s under your skin and singing in your sleep and upon graduation of that you can do any meter. He works on the theory that its all 2s and 3s and this is what he has to say about NINE.
What you couldn't read the type? Here's the important stuff: under 'Other Extended Meters' this is what it said about NINE. "9/4 is very much like 5 or 7, with a few extra beats. It can be subdivided into four units - 3+2+2+2, 2+3+2+2, 2+2+3+2 or 2+2+2+3 - or it can be divided into three units of 3. It is exciting to set up a pattern of four uneven units and, within the piece, use a measure or two or 3+3+3 and then return to the first pattern. Interplay between patterns can produce rhythmic tension and interest when done with taste and discretion. A pattern should be set as the standard for a piece, allowing it to settle before deviating. As exotic meters are not normal, it is important that audience and musician alike get the feel of the rhythmic pattern involved."

A real feel for this NINE business is starting to sink in and am growing particular to the permutation 2+2+3+2. Not sure if I totally agree that its all 2 & 3, with that theory one can get stuck in a certain patterns and divisions, but its a good place to start.

BetZe13 Tune in


Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Rhythm Book Teaches NINE

Here's an excerpt on NINE from Don Ellis's "New Rhythm Book" found in Chapter 6 "An Approach to Odd Time Signatures for Keyboard and Guitar Players' by Milcho Leviev. Its not the basic basics of NINE, but gets into interesting concepts.

Just makes you want to super impose in NINE? Well I might help slightly if I had the accompanying vinyl (soon, I say soon universe), or if we started from the beginning of the book, or if was easier to read. So here's what it says:
"The time signature of 9 could be a regular one (3+3+3) or subdivided irregularly in 4 different ways: 2+2+2+3,3+2+2+2,2+3+2+2,2+2+3+2. Lets examine this pattern: Example 73.
This is the rhythm section's open vamp for the solos. The rock bass line was derived from a more simple pattern at the beginning of the chart which shows the subdivision of the meter clearly: Example 74
Notice example 73, what the drummer's cymbal is doing. It is playing even quarters with are on the heavy beats in the first bar and on the off beats in the second bar. If we cancel the bar between the two measures they will become one measure of 9/4. Remember this, because when we later begin to analyze 'Strawberry Soup', a composition in which the measure of 9 is exploited in almost every possible way, we will see the basic concept is just the opposite. It is written in 9/4 and is subdivided in two bars of 9/8.
You might say all these things have nothing to do with your playing the piano or guitar, but that is not true. We have to be aware of everything the other players are doing especially the bassist and drummer.
'Relaxing Todora' was written in 9/8 instead of 9/4, because the bass pattern and some of the horn figures would look very unclear on paper otherwise, and because the main feeling is one of rock. We know that in the rock idioms we think in eighths and even sixteenths, rather than in quarters. A parallel between a regular 4/4 rock and this kind of 9/8 would make the matter clearer: Example 75
For soloing on this pattern, we should definitely think in sixteenths in order to get the driving feeling. A staring point could be one of the horn patterns: Example 76
'Strawberry Soup' is one of the richest (musically and technically) compositions of Don's creativity and on the Band's bag, as well. As it was said before, here we have 9/4 subdivided in two 9/8 bars: Example 77
The 9/4 bar could be treated as having 9 even quarters or 3+3+3 over 4. The two 9/8 bars obviously are of the kind 3+2+2+2 over 8. Feeling the two measures together (9/4 and the same time the two 9/8s) is the basic task for soloing in this piece (if we have and open vamp D-7). The challenge becomes much greater if we want to solo on the basic 10 bar blues type structure of the piece. For that purpose we need the following scheme: Example 78
If you are strong-willed enough to first understand and then to practice and feel comfortable in a structure like that, you won't have any problems playing in the 'oddest' of meters!"

Get it now? I'm starting to nineit. More lessons to come.

Schemin' NINE,
BetZe13 Tune in


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9-9-09 The New Nine - Wicked Cool Song of the Year

Leave it up to Don Ellis to write the 'Wickedest Coolest Song of the Year'... Well actually it was recorded in 1966 but this is the year and this is the day of the New Nine... 9-9-09.

Here are some details from the 'Live at Monterey' liner notes: "This 2223 subdivision of 9 is common to many countries (among them Turkey, Greece and India). Harmonically it is based both on Indian Raga and the Blues. At one time or another, the following subdivisions of 9 are heard: 2223, 2232, 2322, 3222, 333, and 222222222 (over 2 bars). At the very end a 333 and 122122233 (over two bars) subdivision of the basic 2223 is heard."

So have a listen to some samples from this 11:27 min song:

Holymenoly this song sure smokes and in every combo of NINE... Now I am really getting the feel for NINE and I think I am diggin' it. The organ lead, the trumpet and clapping solo and the overall poly rhythms in NINE are especially cool. Congratulations New NINE you are the 'Wickedest Coolest Song of the Year' (by me, haha).

Newly NINE,
BetZe13 Tune in


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy 9/8 with King Diamond!

What better way to celebrate this day, than with King Diamond. Who what where why? Well, I'm sorry but I am still in love with King Diamond - I can't help it. Don't care if his falsetto spells cheese whiz or is considered an 80s has been (has been where is my question) or if he barely breaks his formulaic licks & song structures. He is still alive in my top ten even if I can't hear the bass and its all 2s and 4s or triplet 2s and 4s. But, on the rare occasion, when he stretches out of his metric safety - its a day to celebrate! Yup, I'm pretty much alone on this one, but I just can't help it... Gimmemore KD!!

The Eye of the Witch throws you off and hypnotizes at the same time, just like the 9/8 + 8/8 pattern does.

I think I am going to be King Diamond again for Halloween.

BetZe13 Tune in


Monday, September 7, 2009

Tool in NINE

Okay, so I am still obsessing about NINE which, hasn't really hit my core... yet... but we have the rest of the month don't we?
(We meaning NINE and I.)

Here's a short sample from Tool (for educational purposes only) to demonstrate how they felt NINE on 10,000 days.

I don't know... its a cool riff and all, but I am just having a hard time resonating with this number. Hum, maybe I should investigate some numerology or something to find out why I repel this number, or it repels me.

neuf, neuve, neun, nope,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Icarus the Owl - The Spotless Mind CD Review

Who is Icarus and why is he an owl? I know not, but one thing I can tell you is this is intelligence that wants to rock. And they sure do to with aggressive creativity and unbiased meter usage. To me they sound like a pop/punk version of the Meshuggah Escape Plan or even closer to Damiera. They are from Portland OR and have recently released their debut "The Spotless Mind". Joey Rubenstein (singer/guitarist) sent me the metric thesis and it goes like this:

Icarus the Owl - The Spotless Mind
Running From Lacuna - Intro:4 measures(6/4), Verse:8(6/4), Chorus:8(13/8), Post- Chorus:4(4/4), Technical Bridge:8(23/16), Verse:8(6/4), Chorus:8(13/8), Ending:32(4/4)

The Extortionist - Intro: 4(4/4), Chorus 16(4/4), Verse: 8(9/8), Chorus: 16(4/4), Verse: 8(9/8), Bridge: 2[ 3(5/4) +1(6/4)], Main Riff: 2(4/4), Chorus: 16(4/4), End: Alternates between 8/4 and 7/4 until the end.

Disposable Company Makes A Lonely Man - Intro/Verse: 6(10/4 + 12/4), Pre-Chorus: 8(7/4), Chorus: 8(19/8), Post- Chorus: 5(6/4+7/4), Verse: 4(10/4+ 12/4), Chorus: 8(19/8), Bridge: 9(9/4), Transition 4(4/4), Chorus: 8(19/8), Chorus: 8(19/8)

La Charliere -Intro/Verse: 2[2(5/4)+1(9/4)]+6/4, Pre-Chorus: 8(4/4), Chorus: 8(4/4), Verse: 32(4/4), Transition 2(4/4), Chorus: 24(4/4), End: 8(13/8)

Esophagus - Intro/Verse: 8(11/4), Pre-Chorus: 2(13/4), Chorus: 4(13/4), Verse: 3[ 3(5/4) + 1(9/4)] + 5(5/4), Transition: 2(6/4), Chorus: 4(13/4), End: 12(6/4)

The Man Who Cried Wolf - Intro/Verse: 2(15/16) + 2(8/4) + 2(15/16) + 4(8/4), Chorus: 8(5/4), Verse: 12(12/8), Chorus: 8(5/4), Bridge: 12(13/8), Second Bridge: 12(9/8), Chorus: 8(5/4), End: 16(6/4)

Tragedy Of The Commons - Chorus: 8(19/8), Verse: 2[3(13/8) + 1(30/8)], Chorus: 8(19/8), Verse: 2[3(13/8) + 1(30/8)], Bridge: 8(27/16), Chorus: 8(19/8), Transition: 4(9/4), Chorus: 8(19/8)

Game Of Jenga -all in 4/4 besides a bridge which is in 6/4!

Invertebrate - all in 4/4!

Igloo - Intro: 12(9/8), Verse: 12(7/4), Chorus: 3(12/4+16/4), Verse: 8(7/4), Bridge: 8(9/8), Bridge 2: 8(9/8), Transition: 2(6/4), Chorus: 3(12/4+16/4), End: 16(4/4) + 8(7/4)

Yellow Bricks - Intro: 8(9/8), Chorus: 7(15/8) + 1(16/8), Verse: 4(15/4), Pre-Chorus: 4(8/4), Chorus: 7(15/8) + 1(16/8), Bridge: 4(31/32), Pre-Chorus: 4(8/4), Chorus: 7(15/8) + 1(16/8)

It's A Good Thing You're Loyal -Intro/Verse: 12(9/4), Pre-Chorus: 4(9/4), pre-chorus Bridge: 16(5/8), Chorus: 2[4(6/4)+1(5/4)], Transition: 1(6/4), Verse: 8(9/4), Pre-Chorus: 7(9/4) + 1(11/4), Chorus: 2[4(6/4)+1(5/4)], Bridge: 19(3/4), Bridge Polyrhythm: Lead guitar: 12(3/4) Rhythm section: 9(4/4), Chorus: 2[4(6/4)+1(5/4)], End: 4(6/4)

My Grey Shun -Intro: 16(13/16), Verse: 7(13/16) + 1(15/16), Pre-Chorus: 2[2(8/8)+2(9/8)], Chorus: 2(4/4)+1(10/4)+4(4/4), Main Riff: 8(13/16), Verse: 7(13/16)+1(15/16), Pre-Chorus: 2[2(8/8)+2(9/8)], Chorus: 2(4/4)+1(10/4)+4(4/4), Bridge: 8(7/4), Main Riff: 3(13/16)+1(15/16), Chorus: 2[2(4/4)+1(10/4)]

Three Week Break - Intro: 7(7/4)+1(12/4), Verse:8(7/4), Pre-Chorus: 8(9/4), Chorus: 8(6/4), Bridge: 8(5/4), Transition: 1(5/4), Pre-Chorus: 8(9/4), Chorus: 8(6/4), End: 6/4 Until The End!

Choruses in 13/8 & 19/8, bridges in 31/32 & 27/16, verses in 11/4 & 7/4 and whole songs in 4/4, well what do I say about this but... how cool is this?

These guys can play and are gifted musicians. They play for the song and do not come across as trying to be technical but just following their true rhythm. I especially admire the singer, Joey Rubenstein's ability to sing in these meters. It fits, it works and is the song, not something that the singer is trying to work in, which can happen all too often. Also he is the guitarist with a two hand tapping melodic approach that fits/is the song too, this I would like to see live. Mark Haines, the drummer could teach most of the drummers I know a thing or two. As my sister says, maybe he came out of the womb suckling time changes. Yeah, I think he fits in this category. The bassist, Mike Black rocks too. His playing is flawless and deep but I feel like its held back a bit. Maybe its my bias but it would be nice to hear some leads from him.

By the looks of their MySpace page they have lots of fans and I think that they are on to something. And maybe they are proving that the whole population may not be so metrically phobic, a novel thought.

I look forward to hearing these musicians future creations whatever incarnation they choose to be in. Check them out, maybe they will inspire you to write a verse or two in 19/16 or 31/32.

Awakening your inner music geek,
BetZe13 Tune in


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nine Inch Nails

Okay so I am on this NINE theme this month and usually my adoration is stuck on 13 or sometimes 11 and even 10 - but quite frankly I just have not been interested in NINE. Well this month I am going to open my meterical mind and really feel what this number is about. Besides some of the metric NINES I've touched upon this month so far, one of the first things to come to mind is Nine Inch Nails, aka NIN. I've heard rumors that 'The Downward Spiral' has some oddness so I finally decided to find out for myself.

NIN - Downward Spiral

Who knew all this time a 13/4 was right in front of me? Also, its obvious they are not really obsessed with the number NINE metrically, but it does make for a descriptive name.

-BetZe13 Tune in


Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy 9/4

This is one of my favorite examples of 9/4:
Aurora's Aura, by Lindsey Boullt off of his 'Composition' Album,
which consists of 7/4, 9/4, 5/16 & 9/16.

Have a listen to a sample of the 9/4 section.
Pretty cool eh?
-BetZe13 Tune in


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Bad Plus in NINE

Well keeping with the nine theme, here are some samples of 9/8. I just love what these guys do with NINE.

Bad Plus off of their 'Prog' Album

Lovin NINE,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Banjo in NINE - Rampi Rampi

Check out another one of Cathy Moore's banjo instructional videos: This one is in 9 and helps get the 2223 feel under your skin no matter what you play or what you listen to.

You can visit her at:

Bumdidy Foreva,
BetZe13 Tune in


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome September the Month of Nine

According to Gregorian this is the ninth month of the year. I don't fully agree with this calendar system, its garaged our minds in a way, but more on this later. Nonetheless, lets us delve deep into this number this month and the many ways it can be expressed in various forms of music - and what not a better way than some Bulgarian Folk.

This music has been provided by the generous educational site

Check them out for more Macedonian Folk Music and Dances.

-BetZe13 Tune in


Monday, August 31, 2009

Catch a Cricket Commercial - 7/4

Does anyone remember this commercial?

I don't, but how cool is it that its in 7/4 & 3/4? I found this nugget in "Great Songs of Madison Avenue" Hal Leonard Publishing (c)1976. All the other commericals were in 4. Someday when I am in a MIDI mood, I am going to record & arrange this commerical in Cubase. I long to hear the essence of 1973 through this commerical and pretend what it was like when it was cool to have a Cricket in your pocket.

Cricket Lighter, is really quite a light,
It'll last for months, and still burn
with thousands of sure-fire lights
and a flame you can set to just the right height.
Catch a Cricket, for a dollar forty nine,
by Gillette.

-BetZe13 Tune in


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where's the Odd Reggae?

So my friend Leighton is moving back to Jamaica tomorrow for a bit and it of course got me thinking: What if there were more Reggae/Dub music in un4/4? Would it be so bad? Would it cause an uproar? What if they could mix and trix up that 2 & 4 upstroke guitar a bit? Reggae is right up there with Trance that sends me seeking relief in Mike Patton type patterns. What if Reggae could follow this just a bit? Only one example I've found so far is a cover:

I think 7/4 sounds perfectly normal in Dub style (I especially love the beginning)- I wish that I could hear more... Does anyone out there know any???

-BetZe13 Tune in


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just So You Know

Just incase you were dying to know:
The following albums don't have any or barely have any odd time in them:

Slipknot - Iowa
Well this was a disappointment I was hoping to hear more amongst the horror angst all in 4/4 except Metabolic - intro 11/8 (6/8 + 5/8)

Halford - Resurrection & Crucible
This is not a surprise and frankly what was I doing here looking for some oddness? Well maybe its because I heard a rumor that there was some 17/8 on the latest Judas Priest and I was hoping that this might be some sort of habit. Anyways, Mr. Halford still has got the chops, but his heart doesn't sound like its quite into it, maybe he needs some new meters to get him back in touch with his soul.

Always searching,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Friday, August 28, 2009

Bulgarian in 13 - Krivo Sadovsko Horo

Macedonian music is metrically hip. They have songs/dances that are defined by their meters. My favorite is 'Krivo Sadovsko Horo', meaning crooked dance, and is always in thirteen (222322,223222). If it is played in another meter, then it can not be rightfully be called by the same name.
Check out these rustically rural big band cats playing in 13 and with such requiste joy.

This is one of the coolest sites my ears have ever laid on, and I love the coordinating outfits and the pride this country takes in its musical roots.

I think I am going to learn the trumpet.
-BetZe13 Tune in


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wicked Cool Song of the Week: Cardiacs - Come Back Clammy Lammy

Here's another cool band/song suggestion from Andy (who rocks): The Cardiacs - a bastard son of Gentle Giant hummm, quite soothing to my odd ears.

Check out "Come Back Clammy Lammy" from their site (and many more free downloads) its in 5/4.
Cardiacs - Come Back Clammy Lammy 5/4

Come back clammy you dead saw barnacle
Make it to heaven red rim barmy you dead
Saw barnacle make it to heaven
Come back clammy you red rim barmy you
Come back clammy you dead saw barnacle
Make it to heaven

Nope, still not sure what the song means, reincarnation? hummm
I am diggin' these Cardiacs and arrest me not, they will be in my playa until I get it.

-BetZe13 Tune in


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Calculating Calcutta's Carousels - BetZe

Here's a little diddy I wrote in 7/8 when I was trying to learn the MIDI function in Protools, especially the drum patches.
Calculating Calcutta's Carousels - 7/8

-BetZe13 Tune in


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strange Land - Band Review

Strange Land is metal in progression, literally. This prog metal trio from Milwakee, WI, naturally writes in odd meters without analyzation. They compose and play without counting, a concept that is foreign to me. They have their own style but are in the ambience of a heavy Rush, Dream Theater and Kings X (especially the vocals). The following is their discography with the meteric breakdown from Sean Gill the guitarist.

Catharsis promo 2009
The Men Who Spent Tomorrow: 6/8, 4/4, 3/4
Asinine: 4/4, 5/4, 11/8 (6+5), 6/8
Evolve: 4/4, 7/4

Blaming Season 2005
Obliquity: mostly 4/4, but very syncopated
Cause and Defect: 5/8, 6/8, 4/4, 5/4, 3/4, 6/4, 3/8, 9/8
Marionette: 6/8, 4/4, 5/8, 7/4, highly syncopated
In a Mind: 6/4, 4/4, 7/8, 3/4
Dear Helena: 6/8, 22/8 (5+6+6+5), 4/4
Below the After: 4/4, 3/4, 15/4, 7/4, 7/8, 6/8

All Things Considered: 7/4 (3+3+8), 4/4, 6/8, 3/4 (5-tuplets),
Foundation: 4/4, 13/8, 15/8 (3+3+4+5), 16/8 (3+3+5+5)
I Don't Know You Anymore: 11/8 (in a 4/4+3/8 feel), 12/8, 6/4, 5/4, 3/4, 9/8, 7/

As you can see the meter spectrum is well represented here. They are a progressively evolving band who has grown technically and creatively throughout their releases. I am digging their writing style which seems completely genuine, natural and flowing to me. They follow their instincts and come up with interesting and original parts. I look forward to their future releases.

For samples and more info, check out their most comprehensive site:

-BetZe13 Tune in


Monday, August 24, 2009

Jarmila Xymena Gorna – Hashgachah CD Review

Jarmila is a composer, musician, and vocalist based in London who has much to say without words. ‘Hashgachah’ is an exciting one to me because it comes straight from the core of her soul. It’s not everyday that such visionary creativity comes across my ears.

Jarmila is originally from Poland and has been playing music pretty much for all of her life. She has been schooled, and then took it upon herself to become unschooled and to find her real voice. And as a result of this journey, she has found it and comes across with boundless mastery. Here are the tracks:

Which Way? - 12/8
Swansong - 4/4
Always? - 4/4
From There to Here - 4/4
My Hope - 4/4 + mixed
Approaching Your Insanity - 12/8
Dark Spell - 4/4

She sure does let it fly and even the 4s sound ‘odd’, a true natural expression. This free flow can bring many interesting directions about. I look forward to her future works and would love to hear her more in the soundtrack arena.

Check her out:
-BetZe13 Tune in


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Five Finger Discount - The Unteaching of Odd Meters

One of the questions that burn in my mind is why aren't more songs in 5? or 7? or 9? or a mixture of various meters? Why do we get stuck on 4 in this culture? Well, part of it is that its simply not taught, and can be discouraged.
A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to take and electronic music class at the local community college, LACC. Prior to that, I have never even stepped foot into a CC and quite frankly I am glad parents were avidly against it in my early years. Anyways, there I met Michelle, a budding songwriter/piano player who told me that she was writing all of her songs in 5. No way, really? Why I asked her? She stated that it was because she had five fingers and thats the way it came out. Sounds logical to me, but our teacher (no names here), said don't do that all pop songs are in 4. Hummmmmm, crush that creativity.
Many schools seem to be like this. At Berklee in the 4 years I attended, odd meters were only mentioned in Conducting class an my Progressive music elective. Also, an instructor at GIT, had mentioned that they don't really teach or encourage meter exploratoin there too. Well CC or no CC, this may contribute to the attachment to four. But there are two great teachers that I know of that were bringing odd meter education forth, helping us to expand our rhythmic approaches. I am sure there are more out there, but the two I know of now is Don Ellis and Hank Levy. Both have instructional manuals that I am going to go through and surely babble more about.

Well, we've got five fingers for a reason, well actually ten, and some have thirteen - lets use em ALL!

Thirteen Fingers,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thingy - My Room Has A TV

Andy, an avid odd meterite sent this "Cute and Complicated" song to me. It sounds a bit more complex than it works out on paper, check it out.

This inspires me. There are artists out there true to their own colors. Love it! But to me, there really is nothing complex about this song, but completely in the creative flow. Complicated comes when you try to fit something into... say 4 when it infact does not belong there at all.

And I am glad that she is singing about a TV in her room, its an important subject. And..I would just like to add that I don't have one nor will have I ever. So now I am going to write a song about My Room Doesn't Have a TV and people just don't understand why...

Thanks Andy for this odd nugget.

-BetZe13 Tune in


Friday, August 21, 2009

Cool Song of the Week: Don Ellis - Arcturas

I just can't stop listening to this song -

Isn't this the funkiest 70s big band song in 10 that you've heard in a while? Would you agree with me that this composition would appeal to the Arcturians' creative sensibilities? I do think that they would be (are) honored to know that this brilliantly grooving dynamically orchestrated song with a base of 10 (leadership in numerology) was written for/about them.

Far Out,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Free Design - Bubbles

Here's the cutest song you'll ever hear and it has some odd time in it and what else could you ask for -

Blowin’ bubbles outta the window
Chewin’ bubblegum and blowin’ big bubbles
Gettin’ gettin’ ridda ridda all my troubles,
Watchin’ the tadpoles glubba, glubba in the puddles
Soap bubbles carry my dreams up high
Bubble gum kinda keeps my heart from gettin’ heavy and cryin’

Ma ‘n’ Pa are arguin’ again,
today I lost my best friend
The kitty has a little cold,
‘n ‘ grammama is getting older
My tummy has a little pain,
‘n’ when does Jesus come again?

So what did you think, cute eh? Sunshine Pop can be pretty cool eh, especially with the 7/8. The Free Design was around from 1967 - 1972. Surprising? No. Genuine sunshine is hard to come by nowadays... Well that might not be true, it just doesn't come across my ears often...

Sunshiney (just for today),
-BetZe13 Tune in


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fu Manchu - Pick Up Summer

Hey Whattdaya mean
yeah whattdaya mean
rolling dice see how they fall
slide and glide it into high gear haul
(I have no idea what else he is saying)

Love this song and band, they make me think of summer, my two Mustangs that I don't have anymore (wipe the tears), the beach and its time to get drunk... They don't really make me think of odd time, but this one happens to have that dropped beat feel that can be created by alternating 8/4 and 7/4 phrases. Cool effect..

Into High Gear Haul,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The New Rhythm Book - Don Ellis

So I finally got my hands on this long lost 'manual' aka work of brilliance. I'm so infatuated with Don Ellis I can't help it and yes he would be my 80 yr old husband if he were still alive, but he's not.

This book wants you to play odd meters with ease. Mr. Ellis found that trying to teach his band odd meters was challenging no matter the proficiency of the musician. This is how this book was born. It covers: Historical Background, Basic & Advanced Concepts, Indian Ways of Learning New Meters, Balkan Meters and more. I will be taking these concepts and approaches step by step and report on it. But I can tell you so far the Indian way of counting is uncomfortable to me - I prefer conducting, but more on that later.

Ta Ka Di Mi, Ta Ka, Ta Ka, Ta Ki Ta, Ta Ka,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Monday, August 17, 2009

Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists

Okay so I am still in a Disturbed mood - this time its "Ten Thousand Fists" (in the air, not in the face) which proved to be not that exciting meterically. Here are the tracks -

Ten Thousand Fists - 4/4
Just Stop - 4/4
Guarded - 4/4 sounds like it might be partial odd but its not
Deify - 4/4, 6/4
Stricked - 4/4
I'm Alive - 6/8 intro 6/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 6/8, 5/8 and repeats in at the cool part (interlude in the 3rd quarter of the song)
Sons of Plunder - 4/4
Overburdened - 4/4
Decadence - 4/4
Forgiven - 4/4
Land of Confusion - 4/4
Sacred Lie - 4/4
Pain Redefined - 4/4
Avarice - 4/4

Well at least this time their titles consist of more than one word and the song structures vary just slighly and the requisite ballad is absent. It would be interesting to find out what if any oddness is on their latest "Indestructible " released in 2008. Hopefully a little more meterically exciting, and surely I will be certain to blab about it.

Almost unDisturbed,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Disturbed - Believe

For some reason, Disturbed has been on my headset and mind off and on for the past couple of weeks. Is it because I am disturbed? Well recently I believe that might be true. Nonetheless, "Believe", their second release, is the subject of my current musical meter meddling. Even though it was released in 2002, its semi-new to me. I know I am behind the times, or maybe I am before the times, but one thing for sure, I am of my own time. Anyways, this album has crossed my ears a few times in the past and with always a comment of ohhhhhh, thats odd what is it? Now, today I decided to find out and this is what I discovered:

Prayer - 4/4 maybe some skipped beats (snare on 3, got a snare fetish ya know)
Liberate - 4/4
Awaken - 4/4 a couple of bars of 9/8 in intro for the hesitation effect
Believe - 12/8
Remember - very daring verse 8/8, 5/8, 8/8, 6/8 - 4/4 rest of song
Intoxication - 4/4
Rise - 4/4
Mistress - 4/4
Breathe - another daring verse 11/4 (6/4 + 5/4) 4/4 rest of song
Bound - 4/4
Devour - 4/4
Darkness - 4/4 slow (sort of sappy sounding)

Okay so not a lot of oddness but I do admire thier flawless playing and production, wicked low bass and creative writing in their vchvchbrchcoolpartchchandout structure confines. And even with the easy to remember titles its still is an appealing album. Although its a little too commercial for me to get totally obsessed with it and doesn't alter my etheric vibration, it has some odd time in it, and that always turns me on.

Liberate Your Mind,

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Knew Part IV - Flaming Youth

My uniform is leather, and my power is my age
I'm getting it together, to break out of my cage
Flaming Youth, set the world on fire
Flaming Youth, our flag is flyin' higher and higher...

Well who knew 'Destroyer' - an album that shaped my youth (and made me forever long for boots that were supported by monster teeth) had some un-4/4 in it? While in my single digits, my brother played this album over and over and over, shaping my tender consciousness. I didn't catch the odd meter at the time... shame on me... but I do think it planted an odd seed or two.

Check it out - the guitar solo is in 7/4 and the same riff repeats at the end but its in 4/4 - pretty cool, this gives it a dropped beat, circular feel which sometimes can be found in this genre (straight-ahead rock).

Your Oddness,
BetZe (Simmons) Tune in


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Bad Plus - Live at the California Plaza in Los Angeles

Just when you thought that your tax dollars are being spent on frivolous things like programs that have nothing to do with you - along comes a free 'Bad Plus' show. Wow, no way... and what a show it was. The NEA and various other sponsors helped the Bad Plus put on a 45 min lunchtime show and a 2 hour evening show at the California Plaza in downtown Los Angeles. It is a acoustically sound and comfortable outdoor venue which made experiencing the energy of these musicians in action a super cool experience. Unfortunately I was only able to catch the last half of the lunch show.

These are the songs I caught -
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (mellow)
Beral (?) Loves to Dance (very cool)
Who's He? (I don't know)
Tom Sawyer (made my month)

Okay, so some of my theories were confirmed as I witnessed their communication chemistry. These musicians have a way of playing that for me is rare to experience - some sort of advanced multi-dimensional telepathy. It appears (to me) that they are most comfortable experiencing many different realms to varying degrees. They are far out enough for the music geek to stay interested, yet are very accessible to the non-geek. They have a perfect balance of energy between them to make this happen. In order of orbit - closest to earth Reid Anderson, bassist (usually at least one foot on the ground), some where between Mars & Jupiter - David King, drummer (lots of times no feet) and out near Neptune is where you might find Ethan Iverson, pianist (sometimes he puts his big toe on the ground).

Its always enjoyable watching musicians that are exceptional at their instruments, not only technically, but creatively too. The Bad Plus tops the charts in this department. Reid is just so good and groovy, he makes playing an upright with no fret marks look so easy. David is a part of his drum set. He doesn't just sit behind it, he gets up and explores the many potential angles and plays it like a gourmet chef. He used a technique that looked like he was painting a circular design on the ride cymbal with the tip of the stick. Never saw that before - I don't think anyone taught him that manuveur. And Ethan just keeps me on the edge of my seat ready to hear what he will come up with next. I know these guys can go off musically and someday I would like to see that, but since it was daylight and on 'sponsored time', I think they kept it close to the script, with one obvious exception - the end of 'Tom Sawyer' Ethan couldn't help himself and broke into a Rumba - way cool.

The Bad Plus still comes highly recommened and I think they sound even more exciting live.

Related Bad Plus Review can be found on:

From Venus,
BetZe13 Tune in


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fly Over Country - Welcome to Fly Over Country

Fly Over Country
“Welcome to Fly Over Country is an album of art rock, inspired by artists such as Steely Dan, Rush, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Macha and many more.” This is a debut solo effort by Ben Seigel with a little bit of oddness in it.

Here are the tracks:
Better than Nothing 4/4, 2/4
Seasons of the Mind 4/4
Borders Drawn and Rearranged 4/4
All Your Stories 4/4, 5/4, 6/4
Cold Beyond Winter 4/4, 6/4
Late Nights 4/4, 7/4
Organic Fruit Cart Disaster 4/4
Blue Sweater 4/4
Tonight My Stars Went Out 4/4
Borders Remix 4/4

My favorites are “Borders Drawn and Rearranged” – the darkest sounding track and “Organic Fruit Cart Disaster” cool song name and riffs. For some reason I keep thinking of the Alan Parson’s Project when I listen to this CD, maybe because the overall feel is Pop Prog. I admire the musicianship on this effort especially the bass playing and one of the bass player’s name is Chris Kringel (for real?). You can find out more and obtain their music at FlyOverCountry.

Keepin' it ODD,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th Blues?

Well here in the States its tax time and the due date is quickly approaching. So to help you Odd Timers out there deal with this impending date, here is a wicked groove in 15 for ya by Scarlet Hollow...

So when that thought of the impending 15th creeps in your mind, just think of this impending 15/4 instead, its that easy.

Well I have to say that I am really diggin' this band, they make me journey and count what more could you ask for?

Check them out at:
On a counting journey,
-BetZe13 Tune in


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 14th

To celebrate this lovely day, and my recent Geddy siting....

Here's one for you in 14....

Driven by Rush off of Test for Echo 1996

Intro & Verses 14/8 123, 123, 12, 123, 123
Chorus 6/8
Interlude 12/8
Ending Chorus – Vocals in 6/8 and instruments in 4/4 for the most part

The original video is not on YouTube anymore, but you get the jist.

Lovin' the 14 riff,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter in 5/8

Whether you celebrate this day with bunnies and chocolate, reverence, church, solace, dinner and ham, or not at all, its all good. But I suggest, lets celebrate this day with 5! 5/8 that is mixed in with 6/8 brought to you by Wild Turkey off of Battle Hymn. Enjoy their 70s sound and great hippy Easter lyrics.

Sunday morning wake up
There's a feeling of joy in my heart
Still I seek nothing
for my happiness being alone

Bells ring out from a hilltop
Good vibrations surrounding
God Bless you and keep you
May you find your answers today

Big flowers, stone towers, steeples sublime,
statues maintain placid grace
newspapers, photographs trampled and torn
possessions soon taking place

The storm and breeze blow in mourning
the simple soul takes his fill
The preacher man makes his blessings
let your heart be free and open

On salvation day, sins to repay,
still on their way
Smilin' faces some grittin'
Children playing some crying alone
A stranger close to your heart
calls your name

Look for yourself one must wonder
Seeing only what lives in a dream
You will surrender when you feel
like you have something to give

Isn't that nice? Now I want to go write some hippy lyrics, but after I eat a bunch of chocolate bunny ears.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Odd Time Music Library

Okay, so I thought that I liked to count, but John, the founder of ranks in the Obsessed category too! He has compiled a library of Odd Time Music. Yep, that's right, with registered accounts capabilities so you can comment, many sponsors and about 800 or so songs from about 200 artists mostly in the rock category and some pop & jazz. Well I have to say he has certainly opened my eyes to some artists and some songs I thought were just in 4. He is quite diligent. So have a look and there is much that you can learn from this Odd Time Music Library. More about this to come.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Common Time Day

Well well, if it isn't this day... 4/4 is really not my nemesis... 4 is okay, its just the fact that it gets all the attention - I think its time for other numbers to have their time in musical limelight. The fact that we as a collective are in a 4/4 mesmerization is a mystery to me. Yes its got a safe and familiar back beat that's hard to lose, but we've made it that way via repetitive consensus. I can understand that its uncomfortable for people to think and feel in unfamiliar ways so they stick to what they know. But, when the majority of people and even some musicians don't even know what I am talking about when it comes to 'odd time', that's what really befuddles me. Are we really that hypnotized? Do we just drone on to the same beat without question? Unfortunately, for the majority of us, I think, yes. So, common or uncommon, outside or trapped by your box, by the bar line or no bar lines (I can't think of anymore cliches at the moment) its your choice. But as for me I am going to make sure that I do some thing odd on this day so that I don't feel so common. But I do that everyday... so maybe I will just be uncommonly common. Maybe..


Friday, April 3, 2009

Banjo in 7

Check out Cathy Moore playing a Betsy Likens tune - but she rewrote in 7/8 (complete with crickets in the background). How cool is that? Totally...

Andy, a wicked cool odd timer listener, enthusiast, turned me on to Cathy's blog, she has all sorts of instruction on how to play in odd time and she is an amazing player. This made my day, or week, or even month. Its not everyday that you find someone rewriting tunes in odd time. She is like Don Ellis but with the banjo. Check her out and I will be playing more of her stuff soon.

Keepin' it ODD,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seseme Street in 7/4

It counts to 12 but its in 7/4 & 4/4!! Does learning to count get better than this?

I love to count,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Danish Pop in 7

Here’s something new for you,
(well it was new for me)
Perler fra Svin
(what? – Danish for Pearls from Swine)

I’m a sucker for any odd meter, so when the genre of Danish Pop was introduced, I immediately thought oh no sticky sweet (I prefer darkness). But when I had a listen to these fellows, I really enjoyed it. They have a great authenticity and originality about them, even though I don’t really know what they are saying. But, Jakob Johansen (gotta love that name), guitarist, song-writer whose project this kindly clued me in on the lyrical meanings.

Vaegelsind – 7/4 is about being fickle, unbalanced, wanting everything and not being able to choose.

Morgen med Sara – 7/4, 4/4 “Morning with Sara” about an ex-girly and longing for something you don’t know what it is or someone you don’t know who is or where to find.

I think that Jakob has reached his ambition of “making music that is rhythmically ambitious and lyrically profound while remaining easily accessible, melodic and catchy”. He lives in Denmark, studying journalism and has been writing pop tunes for the past 7 years. And as he told me that he discovered what a time signature was 5 years ago and since then has become more and more obsessed with odd meters. Now that’s my kind of musician. I look forward to his future odd creations (13/8 hint hint).

Have a listen – and of course they will be streaming on the Odd Time Obsessed broadcast.

(The site is in Danish, so just click the play button)

Holder sig Aparte,

Samples - Finally

So in order to procrastinate my taxes just a little longer, I found the perfect distraction, something I've been meaning to do for a long time: POST MUSIC SAMPLES - Whats a site about music with out samples? Lame? Well I don't want it to be that so... even with the broadcast stream, you want to hear what a song sounds like now not sometime in the future when you are going to forget about it. I am going to try to add as many as I can without going over the transfer rate limits on this server. The song sample links are in different colors (no way) mind you, you have to be a bit patient for it to download.

On playlist page there are a few now, with many more to come.
Odd Time Obsessed - Playlists

Also, on my RPM effort blog entry I put short samples - come-on.. you gotta hear the one in 17...
OTO Blog - Finish Line

Keepin' it ODD,

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review - Viktor Mastoridis

You can learn from Viktor…

What’s a Bouzouki? a Tamboura? a Tambouritz Prim???? how can use them to create a cool fusion of Rock, Blues and Macedonian music? how can you mix baroque & jazz? make 5-8, 7-8, 9/4, 9/8, 11/8 all sound so natural? write a piece in 7/8 with swapping patterns of 2+2+3 & 3+2+2? Well have a listen to Viktor and all will be revealed.

Viktor Mastoridis is a creative Balkan Folk Fusion (with Rock & Blues) multi-instrumentalist that is based in London. He is a prolific writer that has 9 albums under his belt ranging from Children’s Music to World Prog Fusion. He likes to write in odd time, play traditional Balkan and modern rock instruments and fuse a variety of genres. He sent me two of his albums; Bridges (Mostovi) & Restless (Vol 2 World of Music Quatrology) and here is the oddness breakdown:

Bridges (Mostovi):
1. Taga Za Jug (Sadness for the South) 7/8 (3+2+2)
2. Pokazi Mi (Show Me) 5/8 (3+2)
3. Evdokia Dance 9/4 (2+2+2+3)
4. Go Fanale (Maiden’s Song) 4/4
5. Bol (Pain) 4/4
6. Hram (Temple) 7/8 (3+2+2)
7. Anazitisi (Show Me, Gr. vers) 5/8 (3+2)
8. Dalga 5/8 (2+3)
9. So Maki (with Sorrows) 4/4
10. Brzonogo Mashko Oro (Fleetfooted Mans Hora) 4/4

Restless (Vol 2. World of Quatrology)
1. Green Landscape 5/8 (3+2)
2. Dawn 9/8 (2+2+2+3)
3. Biljana 5/8 (3+2)
4. Dreams in Colour 4/4
5. Why 11/8 (2+2+3+2+2)
6. Rush Hour 9/8 (2+2+2+3)
7. Tamboura Dance 4/4
8. Ah Your Eyes 9/8 (2+2+2+3)
9. I Was Made For Love 7/8 (2+2+3 swapping with 3+2+2)
10. Spree 9/8 (2+2+2+3)
11. Baroque Jazz 4/4
12. Near East 4/4
13. Green Landscape 2 5/8 (3+2)

He is certainly a diverse writer that makes odd seem even. My favorites are “Dawn” because it sounds Opeth-esque (due to the use of minor classical chords) & “Near East” even though it’s in 4/4 its interesting because blends dance beats with eastern scales and accordion sounds (now if it was in odd time that would be way cool, say maybe 13/8 hint hint). The mix of Baroque & Jazz was quite creative too, definitely brought me back to my musical schoolin’. Also, many of the tracks on Bridges have great old world charm that brings me to the scenes of the Spaghetti Westerns with southeastern European costumes.

So, if you want to learn more about Balkan Fusion sounds, hear exotic instrumentation and odd meters and/or just want some interesting new music, then check out Viktor’s music site:

He also has a free song of the week to offer. Very Cool.

Naturally ODD,
for more reviews:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rap in 7!!

Alright!!! Rap in 7! Where have you been all my life?? Check out this video by Woody Pak with Prime - I hope this is a trend! They make 7 so sound natural - hint hint it is... and 13 is next... plus ck out the badass bass..... This is so exciting I can't stand it!

Foreva ODD,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 3/8

Since March 8, 2008, I have been on a mission (a slight one) to find a song solely in 3/8. Nope, nothin' - its an odd little meter that really isn't odd at all, sort of. Is it a fast 3/4- or just an accent meter? I have heard/counted it mixed with other meters especially with 9/8 & 7/8, which creates a cool affect. Here are some examples of mixed 3/8 that I know of....

All Gone Now - O.S.I. - 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 11/8

Chaos in the Conservatory - fred - 3/8, 2/8, 3/4 , 2/4, 6/4 ,4/4, 5/4

MIDI Treat - BetZe - 11/8, 7/8, 3/8, 5/8

Quartokoda the Third - Pfly - 3/8, 4/8, 5/8

Rhythm Method - Flobots - 7/8, 9/8, 3/8

Rite of Spring - Stravinsky, Igor
Thec. Ritual of Abduction - 9/8, 4/8, 5/8, 12/8, 6/8, 7/8, 3/4, 2/4, 3/8, 2/8
Thek. The Naming and Honoring of the Chosen One - 5/8, 9/8, 7/8, 3/8, 4/8, 7/4, 3/4, 6/8, 5/4, 2/4, 6/4
Then. Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One) - 3/16, 2/16, 2/8, 5/16, 3/8, 5/4,3/4, 4/4, 2/4, 4/16,

Stick It In - Say Bok Gwai - 3/8, 4/4

When Acting As A Particle - Dillinger Escape Plan - 6/8, 9/8, 3/8

Wrecksuite - Ryan Rapsys - 3/8, 11/8

Tell me what 3/8 means to you - and tell me please if you have ever written in just 3/8.

Merci, Merci, Merci,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 3/4

FYI - 3/4 is NOT odd time....

(I am sure that you already know that...)

But it can be fun to use for variation in your writing..... and its not just for Waltzes anymore

I have two favorite examples:
Iron Maiden - off of Piece of Mind - beginning starts in 3/4

Symphony X - a good part of the song is in 3/4 so very cool (they also incorporate 5/4, 4/4, (5/8 + 13/8), (13/8 + 14/8)) I was impressed...

Oddly Yours,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finish Line

So I finished the RPM challenge – that was fun. Most of the month consisted distractions... wrestling with my computer and joining a jazz band that had 2 gigs. So I ended up writing my first album effort in 3 days. Needless to say it has a very distinctive first draft feel. But it was so fun and got a bit of crust off of my writing chops. Here are the tracks and I will be playing some of them on the station, because they are all ODD of course. I named it BetZe - Take One (how cute hun?)


5/4 distorted bass & drums

17/8 spooky orchestral piece

New Age Space with licks in 11/8

13/8 bass & drums groove

Another New Age Space but with licks in 15/8

9/8 guitar & drums a strange 9 that I don’t know where it came from

10/8 with some 3/8 and 9/8 bass & drums with lots of Wah

7/4 bass, drums, keys cool groove

This was so fun because I never have written in 17 or 15 – ahhh now I think that I am addicted! Next - Take Two...

Keepin’ it ODD,

Monday, January 26, 2009

RPM Challenge

I just signed up for the RPM challenge (am I crazy, yes, but that's another story). Whats that? Well, is an organization that presents a challenge for musicians, recording enthusiasts or whom ever would like to participate, to write an album consisting of 35 mins of music or 10 songs, in the month of Feb. You've got 28 days to write, record, tweek it, rerecord, tweek it, master, tweek it master again and mail. I've done the speed writing in day sessions, and I tell you its fun as hell and there is not that much time to allow yourself to get in the way. This coming month, no excuses, I am going to get off of my musical butt and get these odd tunes out.
So, anyone who is interested in this challenge and sign up, let me know, I'd love to hear from you. And,,,, if you happen to write some oddness I will include it in a podcast/show/oto playlist in March.

Ck the out at RPM Challenge

write, tweek it, write,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Flobots

Okay so now we're getting closer to some hiphop oddness.

The Flobots are an alternative live hip hop band from Denver with 2 emcees/vocalists, viola, guit, bass and REAL drums. Caleb, a wicked cool listener, sent me this suggestion and what a cool one it is. Check out:

from their 2007 release "Fight with Tools" - mostly in 7/8 with a bit of 9/3 & 3/8
"Jetpack" from their 2005 EP "Flobots Presents....Platypus" - solely in 5/8! right on...

Its nice to hear real drums and emcees in the same recording and with the viola, very creative.

Check em out... and of course they will be on the Odd Time Obsessed radio playlist....

Keep the suggestions comin',

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sir Mix-a-Lot?

Okay its a stretch, but I love Sir Mix-a-Lot especially his hits - "Hooptie" and "Baby Got Back". Ahhhh the pre-sampling days when rap had a shred of innocence left and some good old skooln' drum programming. Sir has his OWN should I say style, flare, humor, direction, mind... creativity... I would love to see where his style would have gone if he had kept rollin' in the limelight. And.... whether he knew it or not he ventured into the odd time realm - slightly...

Mack Daddy (1989) - "A Rappers Reputation"
- at the very end at the breakdown he goes into 5/4 for about 4 bars
Seminar (1992) - "Seminar"
- the outro has some 5/4 in this too

I know its slight oddness and leaves me wanting more, but its a start. At this point I am not too familiar with other rap/hiphop artists that like it ODD. hint, hint open for suggestions..

In Search of...,