Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Sort of Odd Rhythms of Alice in Chains

So I've been playing lots of Alice in Chains lately. Why you may ask? Well I am not going to say, but what I will say is this band is all about the vocals and guitar and the bass has a simple job. But what I have discovered is that they have created some interesting and feasibly accessible rhythms and at a slower tempo that gives them that unmistakable feel. If you listened to the radio in the early mid 90's I'm sure you did hear some of these tunes:

Them Bones - 7/8, 4/4
Dam That River - 6/4, 4/4
Rain When I Die - 6/4, 4/4
Sickman - 3/4, 4/4
Angry Chair - I hear 12/8, but could be considered 6/8 or 3/8 (not really odd) and there is some 4/4 in there too.
Nutshell - this is in 4/4, but it has 6 bar phrases that creates some opening to the mind, yet remains comfortably familiar.

Always lookin' for the ODDness,
BetZe13 Tune in