Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sting in NINE

Sting and his Police State was one of my first musical fascinations. The infatuations (the music and Stewart) started in sixth grade and has since matured to a deep appreciation of his authentic approach to music. In his solo work he is daring in his meter use as a form of exploration and curiosity, not really one of technicality. The following are some of examples of Sting in NINE:

'I Hung My Head' from Mercury Falling - Sounds like a tale from a past life.
'Big Lie, Small World' from Brand New Day

From what I've experienced of his music so far it that he tends to stay in one meter throughout and not really engage in multimeter use. A Sting Schizm would be certainly appealing to my metric obsessiveness but by sticking only to one or two meters in a song the rhythm has a chance to get under your toes and perhaps by the end of the song your feet will really be feeling it. So let Sting show you that NINE deserves your attention and sooner or later you will forget who four is.

Stung in NINE,
BetZe13 Tune in


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