Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rap in 7!!

Alright!!! Rap in 7! Where have you been all my life?? Check out this video by Woody Pak with Prime - I hope this is a trend! They make 7 so sound natural - hint hint it is... and 13 is next... plus ck out the badass bass..... This is so exciting I can't stand it!

Foreva ODD,


El SeƱor said...

The artist is Woody Pak featuring Prime. The record label is Chaos Theory.

And you are awesome for finding this! (or someone is, for pointing it out to you.) You're awesome either way!

Anonymous said...

great tune!

i've found another one, and you're not going to believe that it's from a rock musical. seriously. check it out - it's called "one more time" from arquilla/barnett

-fellow lover of time

BetZe said...

Right on Fellow Lover of Time - I heard a sample of "One More Time" and its way cool sounds like the verse is in 7 too.
Right on,