Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finish Line

So I finished the RPM challenge – that was fun. Most of the month consisted distractions... wrestling with my computer and joining a jazz band that had 2 gigs. So I ended up writing my first album effort in 3 days. Needless to say it has a very distinctive first draft feel. But it was so fun and got a bit of crust off of my writing chops. Here are the tracks and I will be playing some of them on the station, because they are all ODD of course. I named it BetZe - Take One (how cute hun?)


5/4 distorted bass & drums

17/8 spooky orchestral piece

New Age Space with licks in 11/8

13/8 bass & drums groove

Another New Age Space but with licks in 15/8

9/8 guitar & drums a strange 9 that I don’t know where it came from

10/8 with some 3/8 and 9/8 bass & drums with lots of Wah

7/4 bass, drums, keys cool groove

This was so fun because I never have written in 17 or 15 – ahhh now I think that I am addicted! Next - Take Two...

Keepin’ it ODD,

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