Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy 9/8 with King Diamond!

What better way to celebrate this day, than with King Diamond. Who what where why? Well, I'm sorry but I am still in love with King Diamond - I can't help it. Don't care if his falsetto spells cheese whiz or is considered an 80s has been (has been where is my question) or if he barely breaks his formulaic licks & song structures. He is still alive in my top ten even if I can't hear the bass and its all 2s and 4s or triplet 2s and 4s. But, on the rare occasion, when he stretches out of his metric safety - its a day to celebrate! Yup, I'm pretty much alone on this one, but I just can't help it... Gimmemore KD!!

The Eye of the Witch throws you off and hypnotizes at the same time, just like the 9/8 + 8/8 pattern does.

I think I am going to be King Diamond again for Halloween.

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