Sunday, August 16, 2009

Disturbed - Believe

For some reason, Disturbed has been on my headset and mind off and on for the past couple of weeks. Is it because I am disturbed? Well recently I believe that might be true. Nonetheless, "Believe", their second release, is the subject of my current musical meter meddling. Even though it was released in 2002, its semi-new to me. I know I am behind the times, or maybe I am before the times, but one thing for sure, I am of my own time. Anyways, this album has crossed my ears a few times in the past and with always a comment of ohhhhhh, thats odd what is it? Now, today I decided to find out and this is what I discovered:

Prayer - 4/4 maybe some skipped beats (snare on 3, got a snare fetish ya know)
Liberate - 4/4
Awaken - 4/4 a couple of bars of 9/8 in intro for the hesitation effect
Believe - 12/8
Remember - very daring verse 8/8, 5/8, 8/8, 6/8 - 4/4 rest of song
Intoxication - 4/4
Rise - 4/4
Mistress - 4/4
Breathe - another daring verse 11/4 (6/4 + 5/4) 4/4 rest of song
Bound - 4/4
Devour - 4/4
Darkness - 4/4 slow (sort of sappy sounding)

Okay so not a lot of oddness but I do admire thier flawless playing and production, wicked low bass and creative writing in their vchvchbrchcoolpartchchandout structure confines. And even with the easy to remember titles its still is an appealing album. Although its a little too commercial for me to get totally obsessed with it and doesn't alter my etheric vibration, it has some odd time in it, and that always turns me on.

Liberate Your Mind,

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