Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hymn in 5/4

Today in the states a major holiday is observed, many stores are closed and churches filled for Easter Sunday. The majority are eating ham, hunting for eggs, singing in church in reverence and or all of the above. I on the other hand am eating jellybeans, thinking about numbers and states of being.

Odd meters stop me in my tracks, no matter where it comes from. On this positive day, somehow, I found an odd metered hymn, 'How Deep the Fathers Love For Us'. This contemporary Christian hymn by Stuart Townend, an English worship leader and it is in 5/4. Yes, a hymn in 5/4 is being sung by many...... I wonder if they know.

Now, this is not my first choice in genre, Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' is more my speed, but I can appreciate how smooth his vocals fit into 5, whether I resonate with the lyrics or not. So, whatever your spiritual perspective is, this is genre-biased-free odd meter speculation and a hymn in 5/4 is pretty cool.

Oddly in all forms,
Odd Time Obsessed