Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hank Levy Teaches NINE

'The Time Revolution' by Hank Levy is an instructional manual in odd meters that was inspired by his love of exotic rhythms and desire to instigate and spread the Time Revolution. This book is 71pp in length and a bit difficult to find. The majority of the book concentrates on getting 5s and 7s under your skin and singing in your sleep and upon graduation of that you can do any meter. He works on the theory that its all 2s and 3s and this is what he has to say about NINE.
What you couldn't read the type? Here's the important stuff: under 'Other Extended Meters' this is what it said about NINE. "9/4 is very much like 5 or 7, with a few extra beats. It can be subdivided into four units - 3+2+2+2, 2+3+2+2, 2+2+3+2 or 2+2+2+3 - or it can be divided into three units of 3. It is exciting to set up a pattern of four uneven units and, within the piece, use a measure or two or 3+3+3 and then return to the first pattern. Interplay between patterns can produce rhythmic tension and interest when done with taste and discretion. A pattern should be set as the standard for a piece, allowing it to settle before deviating. As exotic meters are not normal, it is important that audience and musician alike get the feel of the rhythmic pattern involved."

A real feel for this NINE business is starting to sink in and am growing particular to the permutation 2+2+3+2. Not sure if I totally agree that its all 2 & 3, with that theory one can get stuck in a certain patterns and divisions, but its a good place to start.

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