Monday, August 31, 2009

Catch a Cricket Commercial - 7/4

Does anyone remember this commercial?

I don't, but how cool is it that its in 7/4 & 3/4? I found this nugget in "Great Songs of Madison Avenue" Hal Leonard Publishing (c)1976. All the other commericals were in 4. Someday when I am in a MIDI mood, I am going to record & arrange this commerical in Cubase. I long to hear the essence of 1973 through this commerical and pretend what it was like when it was cool to have a Cricket in your pocket.

Cricket Lighter, is really quite a light,
It'll last for months, and still burn
with thousands of sure-fire lights
and a flame you can set to just the right height.
Catch a Cricket, for a dollar forty nine,
by Gillette.

-BetZe13 Tune in


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