Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter in 5/8

Whether you celebrate this day with bunnies and chocolate, reverence, church, solace, dinner and ham, or not at all, its all good. But I suggest, lets celebrate this day with 5! 5/8 that is mixed in with 6/8 brought to you by Wild Turkey off of Battle Hymn. Enjoy their 70s sound and great hippy Easter lyrics.

Sunday morning wake up
There's a feeling of joy in my heart
Still I seek nothing
for my happiness being alone

Bells ring out from a hilltop
Good vibrations surrounding
God Bless you and keep you
May you find your answers today

Big flowers, stone towers, steeples sublime,
statues maintain placid grace
newspapers, photographs trampled and torn
possessions soon taking place

The storm and breeze blow in mourning
the simple soul takes his fill
The preacher man makes his blessings
let your heart be free and open

On salvation day, sins to repay,
still on their way
Smilin' faces some grittin'
Children playing some crying alone
A stranger close to your heart
calls your name

Look for yourself one must wonder
Seeing only what lives in a dream
You will surrender when you feel
like you have something to give

Isn't that nice? Now I want to go write some hippy lyrics, but after I eat a bunch of chocolate bunny ears.


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