Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Danish Pop in 7

Here’s something new for you,
(well it was new for me)
Perler fra Svin
(what? – Danish for Pearls from Swine)

I’m a sucker for any odd meter, so when the genre of Danish Pop was introduced, I immediately thought oh no sticky sweet (I prefer darkness). But when I had a listen to these fellows, I really enjoyed it. They have a great authenticity and originality about them, even though I don’t really know what they are saying. But, Jakob Johansen (gotta love that name), guitarist, song-writer whose project this kindly clued me in on the lyrical meanings.

Vaegelsind – 7/4 is about being fickle, unbalanced, wanting everything and not being able to choose.

Morgen med Sara – 7/4, 4/4 “Morning with Sara” about an ex-girly and longing for something you don’t know what it is or someone you don’t know who is or where to find.

I think that Jakob has reached his ambition of “making music that is rhythmically ambitious and lyrically profound while remaining easily accessible, melodic and catchy”. He lives in Denmark, studying journalism and has been writing pop tunes for the past 7 years. And as he told me that he discovered what a time signature was 5 years ago and since then has become more and more obsessed with odd meters. Now that’s my kind of musician. I look forward to his future odd creations (13/8 hint hint).

Have a listen – and of course they will be streaming on the Odd Time Obsessed broadcast.

(The site is in Danish, so just click the play button)

Holder sig Aparte,

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