Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seseme Street in 7/4

It counts to 12 but its in 7/4 & 4/4!! Does learning to count get better than this?

I love to count,


guitarsean said...

Awesome! I remember this clip well from my childhood. That explains a lot.

Jakob said...

Haha, you really are obsessed with numbers, Betze! This one is too much of a gimmick for me though.

How about some beautiful fives instead:

E.S.T.: "Eighthundred Streets by Feet"

Tortoise: Five Too Many

BetZe said...

Hey its Seseme street what do you want? Its meant to be gimmiky.. I do vaguely remember this too, maybe thats where a few of the odd time seeds were planted.

But I do like those 5s Jakob... especially EST