Monday, August 24, 2009

Jarmila Xymena Gorna – Hashgachah CD Review

Jarmila is a composer, musician, and vocalist based in London who has much to say without words. ‘Hashgachah’ is an exciting one to me because it comes straight from the core of her soul. It’s not everyday that such visionary creativity comes across my ears.

Jarmila is originally from Poland and has been playing music pretty much for all of her life. She has been schooled, and then took it upon herself to become unschooled and to find her real voice. And as a result of this journey, she has found it and comes across with boundless mastery. Here are the tracks:

Which Way? - 12/8
Swansong - 4/4
Always? - 4/4
From There to Here - 4/4
My Hope - 4/4 + mixed
Approaching Your Insanity - 12/8
Dark Spell - 4/4

She sure does let it fly and even the 4s sound ‘odd’, a true natural expression. This free flow can bring many interesting directions about. I look forward to her future works and would love to hear her more in the soundtrack arena.

Check her out:
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