Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Free Design - Bubbles

Here's the cutest song you'll ever hear and it has some odd time in it and what else could you ask for -

Blowin’ bubbles outta the window
Chewin’ bubblegum and blowin’ big bubbles
Gettin’ gettin’ ridda ridda all my troubles,
Watchin’ the tadpoles glubba, glubba in the puddles
Soap bubbles carry my dreams up high
Bubble gum kinda keeps my heart from gettin’ heavy and cryin’

Ma ‘n’ Pa are arguin’ again,
today I lost my best friend
The kitty has a little cold,
‘n ‘ grammama is getting older
My tummy has a little pain,
‘n’ when does Jesus come again?

So what did you think, cute eh? Sunshine Pop can be pretty cool eh, especially with the 7/8. The Free Design was around from 1967 - 1972. Surprising? No. Genuine sunshine is hard to come by nowadays... Well that might not be true, it just doesn't come across my ears often...

Sunshiney (just for today),
-BetZe13 Tune in



andy said...

Liking that a lot!

Have you heard 'Thingy'. Imagine that crossed with thrash punk. I've got to send you some Thingy...

BetZe said...

No I haven't and can't wait to! Is 'Thingy' in 7 too?