Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Knew Part IV - Flaming Youth

My uniform is leather, and my power is my age
I'm getting it together, to break out of my cage
Flaming Youth, set the world on fire
Flaming Youth, our flag is flyin' higher and higher...

Well who knew 'Destroyer' - an album that shaped my youth (and made me forever long for boots that were supported by monster teeth) had some un-4/4 in it? While in my single digits, my brother played this album over and over and over, shaping my tender consciousness. I didn't catch the odd meter at the time... shame on me... but I do think it planted an odd seed or two.

Check it out - the guitar solo is in 7/4 and the same riff repeats at the end but its in 4/4 - pretty cool, this gives it a dropped beat, circular feel which sometimes can be found in this genre (straight-ahead rock).

Your Oddness,
BetZe (Simmons) Tune in


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