Monday, January 26, 2009

RPM Challenge

I just signed up for the RPM challenge (am I crazy, yes, but that's another story). Whats that? Well, is an organization that presents a challenge for musicians, recording enthusiasts or whom ever would like to participate, to write an album consisting of 35 mins of music or 10 songs, in the month of Feb. You've got 28 days to write, record, tweek it, rerecord, tweek it, master, tweek it master again and mail. I've done the speed writing in day sessions, and I tell you its fun as hell and there is not that much time to allow yourself to get in the way. This coming month, no excuses, I am going to get off of my musical butt and get these odd tunes out.
So, anyone who is interested in this challenge and sign up, let me know, I'd love to hear from you. And,,,, if you happen to write some oddness I will include it in a podcast/show/oto playlist in March.

Ck the out at RPM Challenge

write, tweek it, write,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Flobots

Okay so now we're getting closer to some hiphop oddness.

The Flobots are an alternative live hip hop band from Denver with 2 emcees/vocalists, viola, guit, bass and REAL drums. Caleb, a wicked cool listener, sent me this suggestion and what a cool one it is. Check out:

from their 2007 release "Fight with Tools" - mostly in 7/8 with a bit of 9/3 & 3/8
"Jetpack" from their 2005 EP "Flobots Presents....Platypus" - solely in 5/8! right on...

Its nice to hear real drums and emcees in the same recording and with the viola, very creative.

Check em out... and of course they will be on the Odd Time Obsessed radio playlist....

Keep the suggestions comin',

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sir Mix-a-Lot?

Okay its a stretch, but I love Sir Mix-a-Lot especially his hits - "Hooptie" and "Baby Got Back". Ahhhh the pre-sampling days when rap had a shred of innocence left and some good old skooln' drum programming. Sir has his OWN should I say style, flare, humor, direction, mind... creativity... I would love to see where his style would have gone if he had kept rollin' in the limelight. And.... whether he knew it or not he ventured into the odd time realm - slightly...

Mack Daddy (1989) - "A Rappers Reputation"
- at the very end at the breakdown he goes into 5/4 for about 4 bars
Seminar (1992) - "Seminar"
- the outro has some 5/4 in this too

I know its slight oddness and leaves me wanting more, but its a start. At this point I am not too familiar with other rap/hiphop artists that like it ODD. hint, hint open for suggestions..

In Search of...,