Friday, September 30, 2011

Crashin' out the last day of the month of NINE

Okay last day of the month of NINE - soon to be TEN which I am way more comfortable in... ehemmmmmm... So I am trying to get a resonate with NINE, but for now, I will just admire it from a distance, don't think its in my blood, but I appreciate the 9blood that out there..... even if its embedded in egoinstrumentalrock...

So what did you think? oh... same as me? a good song to practice to, to get a beginning feel of NINE, as in 8/4 + 1/4 or 4/4 + 5/4 or some 12/3/6s? great - hit the woodshed then...

Thanks again to my Frenchy oddmeterite David Taugis for having me notice this NINE.

Keepin' in ODD,
Odd Time Obsessed Tune in


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