Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Calogero - French Pop in Five

I can't help it... but I giggle through out this video... rude American I am... maybe... but it just makes me giggle. If I paid attention to the 8 years of french I was forced to take in my formative years then I might know what they were saying. But I don't... Alls I know is there is a bass player who sings and talker/rapper and the apparent drummer/producer/marketer/actor/some dude that is running,,, running away.... oh the shadow and light drama... but this is not the point...

The point is, this is french pop in 5/4 with almost 2mil hits on YouTube. I don't know much about this band Calogero, but super boulot pour jouer dans 5 à la masse.

I would've posted the video Calogero - L'ombre et la lumière (clip officiel) but the embed was disabled so here is the link: and to their stuff:

Thank you David Taugis for tuning me into ces chats...

une giggly ne signifiant pas être impoli impairs américaine,
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