Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freak Kitchen - Nobody's Laughing - Swedish Pop Metal in 5

(Really? Nobody's Laughing? What about giggling?)
Okay, now I can't stop giggling again... This time it not a french 5 but a Swedish 5 complete with its a white green-screen, long haired semi-tattooed boys trying to look mean while playing pop... and ohhhhh electrical taped-out male nipples (a Swedish statement?)... okay this is not the point again..

The point is that's Sweden's answer to Nickleback is playing a WHOLE song in 5/4... and its popular and it gets radio play... GOOD...

Thank you GuitarSean of Strangeland for pointing me to this, I think I would've blanked out to safety before I heard the 5.

fnissande i fem,
Odd Time Obsessed Tune in


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