Thursday, July 12, 2012

Obsessing 7 with Tesla - Edison's Medicine

Its like a block, I just can't put a hair flipping, camera smuggin' glam band and the injustice to Tesla together. Call me a stero-typer, but I saw most of these bands back in the day and they really just had a one track mind, okay 2. So give it to Tesla for alerting us to something so far out of this genre and after sifting through their dancing distractions, you can't help but notice they are excellent rock musicians. They stay in 4 most of the time but these unlikely emissaries slipped into some oddness here, and right at the correct line wouldn't you say?

Nor did the man outta time, man outta time. 7/4
Thought you was crazy. You was one of a kind. 4/4
Man outta time, man outta time. 7/4
All along, world was wrong. You was right. 4/4

Tesla - Edison's Medicine 4/4, 7/4

Keepin' it ODD,
BetZe13 Tune in


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