Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obsessing 7 with Meshuggah - Ritual

See, the softer side of Meshuggah knows the sacredness of seven and its effectiveness in the use of rituals. What the diddledang you talkin' bout....? The common denominator of this song is 7 (with the exception of the solo). If you look closely and pull this song to pieces you would agree with me. The first section we shall call the verse has a 14/8 feel divided 8+6 or you could say 7/4 4+3, but my subjectivity would stay with the 14/8. So then we move onto the chorus sounding part and that for sure has a 7/4 feel. The solo then departs the 7 and goes to an 8 feel or most commonly known as 4/4. The singing interlude same, but I think they are superimposing the feel of the 14 6+8 over 2 bars of 8 here... trippy eh?... Now, can you see how their seductive use of 7s effectively sets the trance for the ritual?

Meshuggah - Ritual 7/4, 14/8 [8+6], 4/4

Seduced by 7s,
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