Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wild Turkey!

What's your Turkey?

Well mine is....

Wild Turkey - Kentucky Bourbon - NO
ohhhh the high school days, paaatein' in the New England woods, one Wild Turkey (mixed with who knows what else) night was enough thank you...

Wild Turkey - Wild Meat - NO
too gamey, I prefer Tofurkey.

Wild Turkey - 70's ProgRock - YES
Now we're talkin'.... This Thanksgiving I am going to be groovin' to 5 and singin' along.... 'See You Next Tuesday' ha...

Ah the 70s what a great time for music and experimentation and some musicians even ventured into the odd meter realms. Wild Turkey is one of these bands. WT was formed by Glenn Cornick (bassist for Jethro Tull) in the 70s and had some reincarnations since and according to internet sources (Wikipedia and link below) they are still alive and kickin'. They had two releases in the early 70s - 'Battle Hymn'-70 and 'Turkey' -71, then 'Stealer of Years' - 96 and 'Final Performance' - 00. I have the first two in my collection and found just a few oddies, but goodies.

Battle Hymn - 1970
Easter Pslam - 3/8, 5/8, 9/8, 12/8
Twelve Streets of Cobbled Black - 7/4, 4/4
Turkey - 1971
See You Next Tuesday - 5/4, 4/4

More info on Glenn Cornick:

Happy Tofurkey,


Anonymous said...

Have you heard his later material? I would be interested to see if he did any meter experimentation on those effort.
Marty B.

BetZe said...

I was curious too. When I get my hands on a copy I will be certainly checking it out, even though the 80's looking cover is a slight deterrent.