Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sir Mix-a-Lot?

Okay its a stretch, but I love Sir Mix-a-Lot especially his hits - "Hooptie" and "Baby Got Back". Ahhhh the pre-sampling days when rap had a shred of innocence left and some good old skooln' drum programming. Sir has his OWN should I say style, flare, humor, direction, mind... creativity... I would love to see where his style would have gone if he had kept rollin' in the limelight. And.... whether he knew it or not he ventured into the odd time realm - slightly...

Mack Daddy (1989) - "A Rappers Reputation"
- at the very end at the breakdown he goes into 5/4 for about 4 bars
Seminar (1992) - "Seminar"
- the outro has some 5/4 in this too

I know its slight oddness and leaves me wanting more, but its a start. At this point I am not too familiar with other rap/hiphop artists that like it ODD. hint, hint open for suggestions..

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andy said...

You might like the following. Although I don't think it actually strays much beyond 4/4 and 6/8 the overall effect of this track is very rhythmically unsettling and complex:

Anonymous said...

Busdriver has rapped in 5 before ('Nagging Nimbus') and does 6 pretty often('World Agape', 'Pompous Posies'). On the Themselves album, Doseone raps in 6 on the song 'Daxstrong'. Thump rapped in 5 on 'What Happened' and has talked about rapping in 7 before.

Just some thoughts you might enjoy!