Monday, August 6, 2007

Will SoundScan get to my bank account????

Odd Time Obsessed is the name of my game. Its a mini station that plays across many nations on virtual waves of Live 365’s gyrations. Sharing the beats that are so unique, in a free form format that does not lack a style, so that you can compile a broader spectrum in your music collection.
Countess B is my key. A hostess with the mostess, I share my obsession with out aggression and find other rhythm fanatics that become B addicts.
Odd Time Obsessed is my musical game. It is a shame this station is going to go lame in the name of an unfair act that was not exact in its calculations in balancing the economic factors of these creations.
Silence can cause inner violence. To me this would be on of the most tragic days in history if we can no longer have diverse verse in our internet ears.

Countess B,

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