Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Darryll Dobson - The Mind Electric CD Review

Daryll Dobson – The Mind Electric CD Review

Please don’t make me do it, I know that it can be difficult to compose and come up with an inspired end product… then have some chump review it. All of your hard work summed up in a paragraph by someone who probably has never written anything in their life… Well I have many times… so I am just going to say it….

This album is masturbatory. I listened to it I dunno maybe six times and every time I found myself getting bored… Me… when there is odd meters going on?? blah blah blah blah that is what I heard from the guitar, like he was talking some gibberish to himself and could care less to whom he was playing to or with. I said no, I have to listen to it again to at least count it out… then I got annoyed with all the guitar scaling repeating licks over and over again. There was no obsessing going on here, just with the off button.

In all fairness, I didn’t get to hear all of the songs. At the fifth track or so it kept getting stuck in my computer which caused it to freeze up a few times. Although I did enjoy some of the tracks off of his “Reality Check” that he sent at the beginning of the year, especially his singing. He sounds a little bit like Jimi Hendrix. Darryl Dobson is quite prolific and I would love to hear more songs with his voice on it. I can see with the right arrangements the classic guitar rock type of stations and listeners would pick him up. SolarGuitars.com


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