Sunday, February 3, 2008

Prong – Power of the Damager - Diddy

So, I finally acquired this CD and just as I thought… its way cool.

What I really dig about Prong is his (Tommy Victor) unique/simple guitar voicings (particularly use of fourths and sus2), chord progressions, song structure, style/energy of the vocals – just his pure raw essence and of course most of all – that unmistakable industrial/metal/Victor groove. Power of the Damager showcases it all.

He has still got it and he can groove like no other. Prong is still Tommy Victor and in this latest incarnation of mates - ummm, they do the trick. I still admire his creativity in staying true to his core yet not afraid to explore some other sounds. For example, on “3rd Option” he used a sound that I haven’t heard Prong use before. It woke up an underground metal sound memory for me from the 80s. Which immediately brought me right back to the “Channel” in Boston, where I saw every possible metal show in the late 80s/early 90s. Anyways, this guitar harmony/lick sounds “Iced Earth-y” and a bit like “Sanctuary” (old Nevermore incarnation) which was cool to hear Prong-style. Also throughout the CD you can hear punk and speed metal – early Metallica style. And even his voice starts to sound on some songs a bit “kiddish”, sort of like Perry Ferrell. The only thing that bugged me just a weeeee bit is the guitar bending (not sure of the exact technical term) in almost EVERY song. A little bit that goes a long way, went too far.

Anyways, he’s not afraid to experiment. Not in a circuit bending, Faust or lets try a samba way, but in his own, grounded way that is subtle and works. This sort of freedom has gotten him to 7/8 and I don’t think that it is because he has been listening to the Venetian Snares either. I think that it came about from the evolution of his internal groove clock – which I hope will keep on that path. But for now, 2 out of 12 isn’t bad, but keep going!

The Banishment – Time….. creeping…closer to the end 4/4, 5/4
(me fav song on CD)

Bad Fall – 7/8, 4/4
(Can you believe this? I think this is the first time he delves into the eighth note signatures keep going, keep going, keep going, I wanna hear some 9s and 13s next time!)

Well of course these two nuggets are going to be on the playlist…. Coming soon.

Time… creeping,
Countess B

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