Monday, October 1, 2007

on.... the .... radio....

This week on .... the ... radio........

.....did the internet kill the airwave star???

can't wait until they get these cyber stations portable.....

Shard Villa - who what where when????
This is a very cool progressive metal band from Washington State/Vermont/Montreal. How do they rehearse? The Internet is magic. Don't know too much about them but I think this is their second demo w/a new line up. But one thing I heard, which I don't find too often is that the singer is a true musician. He understands and is comfortable singing in odd time a member of the band - not the just the face. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually writes some of the music. Some singers don't really know what to do over 7s to 15 to 9s - its not natural to them. But to this singer, he feels it, he's in it, he lives it. Plus he's got a wide range and is creative with his cords. Can't really understand the lyrics but
In their music you can find hints of Estradasphere, Malmsteen, Queensryche, many time changes and killa bass riffs/sound.
Have a listen - They are on MySpace too.

The Gathering
Ancient Geometry
Time Now

Steve Vai - from Flex-Able
Okay I am going to be honest, (Aries Rooster can't help it) I don't like SV. Period. I think he takes himself way too seriously. He needs to get over it. But I do have some of his music and here are some odd time examples. Not sure of the meter because I can't bare to repetitively listen to it.

Little Green Men
odd odd odd

Bledsoe Blvd
more odd odd odd

Leave that Thing Alone (Counterparts) - Geddy tops himself with this bassline - he's so funky.
6/4, 4/4

RUSH not in ODD TIME (barely)
Natural Science
I just have to say.... Natural Science is one of Rush's coolest songs and the verse is almost in 15/16 (3,3,3,2,2,2) but nooooooooo they had to hold that one note a sixteenth longer (3,3,3,3,2,2).... why do they do that???

Starts in 7 for a few measures, but I am not going to play it just because of that... cool song though.... reminds me of junior high.... (how original of me).

Oddly yours,
Countess B

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