Monday, May 20, 2013

Classical Composition in 13/8 by Bruce Baldwin

Here is another one TOTALLY in 13/8 for you, and this time its a Classically orchestrated composition. One does not come by this everyday, or every month or even ever.... So of course I am digging it.

In honor of 2013, Bruce Baldwin, has taken on the endeavor of using all of his composing skills to write a classical piece in 13.  Well, that I must say, he did with great success. Listen and you will hear many variations on the subdivisions of 13.... He starts with a 33232 and goes from there. His drumming origins allow him to write naturally in prime numbers and in his words "fours are soooooo over rated." Yup and thank you Bruce for challenging the world out of its four-cornered-trapped-ears.

So check him out, he has written lots of odd metered music, and soon, you will hear his compositions accompanied by actors.

Thirteenly Yours,
Odd Time Obsessed

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