Sunday, June 24, 2012

6-24 to 6-30-12: New oddness this week

Some cool new discoveries this week in the metric division..

Some 7 madness (getting ready for July) from one of my favorite guitarist/writer
Arch/Matheos: Neurotically Wired - 7/4, Midnight Serenade - 6/4, 4/4, 7/4

Some serious noodling (more to come on this band)
Animals as Leaders: Behaving Badly - 3/4, 7/4

Old School Mystical Metal from 1999
Solitude Aeturnus: Empty Faith - 12/8, 15/8, 18/8, 9/8

Saw these guys live here in Vegas a few weeks ago and the shallow side of me wanted to see a dynamic possessed singer to entertain (this is the city for it right?). But now as I go about my day with headphones I am enjoying the depths of these polyrhythmic tappin' cats. More meter obsessing to come I'm sure.
Scale the Summit: Alpenglow - 6/4, 3/4, 7/4, 4/4

And I'm sure I've played these songs before but I never told you what meter I believed them to be in....
Radiohead: Morning Bell - 5/4, Everything in its Right Place 10/4, Paranoid Android - 4/4, 7/4

Tune in & Have an obsessed week.

Keepin' it ODD,
Odd Time Obsessed Tune in


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