Thursday, January 13, 2011

It takes a Village... for me to notice Naggin' Nimbus

So this morning I got an anonymous tip that there was some Hip Hop oddness lurking about that I have yet detected. Well let me tell you, it takes a village to feed an odd time obsession because these nuggets usually don't get a chance to permeate our collective 4/4 trance.

Let me introduce this song to you,,,, are you ready???

Naggin' Nimbus by Busdriver - 5/8

First of all, I wish I thought of that song title, and second of all I wish I thought of that artist name and third of all, I wish I wrote a song has the feel of My Favorite Thing is to Take Five talking about cotton candy clouds. damn... too late...

(Dear Busdriver, please write more in 7 and 13. Thank you)

Thank you Anonymous for shining the light on this gem and thank you Busdriver for bravin' beat boundaries.

Naggin' to find me some more oddness (hint, hint)
-BetZe13 Tune in



David Taugis said...

Hello master ! Well, it's just a simple use of Brubeck's take five... Nothing new in there exept the lyrics.
Here's one five from France...


BetZe said...

True David, I would love to see way more orchestration that just samples, but at least he picked on in 5, a bit different platform for phrasing.