Friday, January 15, 2010

My Ode to Odd Time

My Ode to Odd Time

7/8 is great but not if the drummer hesitates
9/4 is never a bore with the right kind of score
17/16 can be quite obscene
but not as bad as
7/16 which has been seen to be quite mean
13/8 is not to hate as long as its played at a reasonable rate
21/4 sure is a favorite on the Zappa tour
9/16 under most circumstances remains keen
although 5/16 unfortunately is not in my rhythmic genes
but on a similar note 3/8 is difficult to coordinate
but will have your date subordinate
5/4 will have you at the door asking for more
15/16 has never been described as a serene green
and at the other end of the spectrum
6/8 qualifies as pinnate and did you know that
4/4 is never found in mathcore
9/8 can be mistakenly innately
3/4 which is never a poor chore in contrast to
3/16 which is a bit lean to be clean
11/8 is not to abbreviate or the results might annihilate
13/16 in my book remains the hook of the queen and on top of that
5/8 is my favorite warning of fate but most of all
7/4 is the one that I truly adore

I'm Odd,
-BetZe13 Tune in


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