Monday, August 25, 2008

Check Out PFLY

Okay Everybody you've gotta check out Pfly....

Pfly is an inventor of a new genre in music called "Classicodd", which is taking classical pieces and recomposing them to odd meters. He refers to as Manglements, but I like Classicodd because to hear in another meteroric dimensions does take some skill. I have heard others do this, such as, Don Ellis with rock/pop hits but not with Classical compositions.
Here are some links and meteroric break down of his compositions. I have been playing his compositions for the past month or so and every time I hear them I like them more and I think.... I've got to get to some Manglementing myself.


for all of his music:

for his Classicodd:
Here are some examples he broke down for me:

Omega - 13/8 in the 3-3-3-4 form

Supplikant - 13/8 4-4-5(the 5 as 3-2), 1-3-4-5(the 5 as 3-2), and 4-4-5(the 5 as 2-3) each one repeating after the other

Bachair - a synthed up version of Bach's famous "Air", in 10/8 time
Contrapunky 1 - Bach's Art of Fugue, in constantly changing meter

Contrapunky 2 - Art of Fugue, in 13/8 in the 3-3-3-4 form. The original is in 4/4 with a constant dotted 8th + 16th note rhythm, so the 3-3-3-4 time maintains the 4 beat per bar structure but makes the first 3 beats "swing", while the 4th beat gets two 8th notes instead of the original dotted rhythm.

Joy of Bleep - I deliberately tried to make this one as unfoottappable as possible with constantly changing meter and rather bleepy sounds. A sort of rhythmic version of atonal music, any hint of recurring meter must be abandoned and contradicted as quickly as possible!

PWV-1060.2 - the second, slow movement of Bach's Concerto BWV 1060, in 13/4 time, or alternating bars of 6/4 and 7/4.

Quartokoda the Third - Bartok's 3rd String Quartet, crazy, very fast piece. This one didn't need me to impose odd meters Bartok already wrote it with constantly changing meters, mostly 3/8, 4/8, and 5/8, changing nearly every bar.

SaraBachabande - Bach's Sarabande, Partita #6 with synth guitar in 13/8 (4+4+3 form)
I just love when composers get this creative.... so very cool. So check Pfly out and this new Classicodd genre - who knows it could be the next craze...
Thank you Pfly for your Odd Manglement!


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