Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who Knew? Pt.2 - Ozzy Ozborne in 14/8

Song: Diary of a Madman
Artist: Ozzy Ozborne
Album: Diary of a Madman 1981
Time Signatures used: 12/8, 4/4, 14/8 (33332, 33233)

Who knew that this song featured some oddness? Well, the title suggests it. But the last time I intently listen to this song was over two decades ago, before I could recognize a 14/8 count. To me this is still a beautiful song. I wonder how much time signature exploration Randy Rhodes would have done if he had lived longer.

According to Wikipedia:
Guitarist Randy Rhoads was taking classical guitar lessons while on the "Blizzard of Ozz" tour, and came up with the opening acoustic riff by using a variation of Cuban composer Leo Brouwer's Etude #6.

The song was written by Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake with the latter two writing the lyrics and vocal melodies, respectively. Supposedly, Ozzy had a hard time coping with the unusual time signature in this song, which was composed by Randy Rhoads and bassist Bob Daisley. According to Daisley, Ozzy's comment was: "I'm not fucking Frank Zappa you know."

Well, well of course he isn’t. But it would’ve/would be way cool if he would try to have just a little Zappa in him. In fact, everyone should have a little Zappa in them; it would be a much better world.

Now you know,

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