Sunday, June 1, 2008


Today I witnessed alleged visual evidence of chemtrails in my lovely Hollywood Hills neighborhood. I happened to get up earlier than usually and took a look in the sky. Wow, this abomination staring right at me as if to say, yah… what are you going to do about it? (Just like gas station signs say to me and my 8 cyl Mustang). My astute neighbor informed me that they do this every couple of weeks. Okay, WTF. This is the first time I have ever consciously witnessed them.

There is an extensive amount of information on the Web regarding Chemtrails and is usually interesting reading and can led to many other tangents of discovery. Chemtrails refer to systematic, high-altitude dumping of unknown substances for undisclosed purposes, resulting in the abnormal appearance of contrails such as crisscross and grid patterns. Some think its for weather control, administering a vaccine for pending chemical warfare or simply dumping of chemicals through the air. What do you think? Look up in your sky, perhaps you might see too.

Check out these pictures of Hollywood taken today Sunday June 1, 2008.

What does this all have to do with odd time? Well back in that dark month of Sept 2001, I was in Northern California hanging with my bro and a genuine beat poet Ruth Weiss. She wrote many haikus and hung them in her garden which inspired me to write a series of them. If you don’t know, a haiku is a style of poetry that consists of 3 lines: first line has 5 syllables, second 7 and third 5. Yes, this oddness is right up my alley. So anyways, I had just learned about Chemtrails and a friend of mine, t.minus, put out an electronica album called “Chemtrails” which inducted me into this grim subject.

This new inspiration helped create "ChemTrailKu" which I occasionally play on Odd Time Obsessed. I wrote this lovely piece on Music Magix ($40 recording software) with sampled acoustic drums that my brother was playing out of time, Wurlitzer, classical guitar, and spoken word by my brother and I. Its in freeish time, 4/4, 12/8 and 11/8.


once a sky so blue
carrying secrets anew
streaming, slow murder

hold on to your seat
hold on to your wee wishes
hold on to your soul

no one notices
blind impossibility
not crazy, not I

Livinxcross the barline,

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